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Oh, the heart strings. Alzheimer’s is such a devastating disease for everyone involved :(

college: what are you good at?
me: procrastination


my favorite vine

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My mom teaches Kindergarten and I went to her classroom a few days ago and saw what appeared to be a small shrine dedicated to Jodie Foster in the corner of the room and I had literally no idea why it was there, so I asked my mom about it and she said it’s where the kids can go to tattle on each other so they don’t always do it to her

So basically my mom tells her little Kindergarteners to tell on each other to a magazine clipping of Jodie Foster that they call Miss Tattle and if you don’t think that’s the funniest thing then get out of my face



I now realize how old this show is

Tech may be outdated, but the end result is still relevant

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